Admission Procedure

We recommend parents who are interested in Little Oaks to book a tour of our nursery where we can discuss your child’s needs and you can see for yourself the facilities and resources we have to offer.

Then we ask parents to complete the registration form and return it to us. The following procedures will then apply.

Registration with the nursery

In order to apply for a place at Little Oaks, parents are required to complete a registration form and to pay a non-refundable administration fee of £50 per family.

 Allocation of places

We offer your child a place based on the availability of spaces in the nursery taking into consideration the necessary staff to child ratios and the number of sessions you desire. A place is offered on the basis of the following:

  • Sibling currently enrolled in the nursery
  • Number of Sessions
  • Date of request

We will advise parents of availability via email.

Reserving your child’s place

Once availability has been confirmed by the nursery you must complete and return the registration form along with a non- refundable £50 admin fee. Parents will be requested to respond and formally reserve the place within 10 days otherwise the offer of a place will lapse.

If you register within 2 months of your start date your place is reserved once you have paid the £50 registration fee and £200 deposit. If you register more than 2 months before your start date your place is reserved once you have paid the £50 registration fee, £200 deposit and your first month’s fees. All payments made in order to reserve your place are non-refundable in the event you withdraw your place.

Nursery deposit

The deposit (£200) is paid on acceptance of an offer and is held by the nursery until such time as your child leaves the nursery (subject to a full calendar months written notice). The deposit will be refunded following your child’s departure subject to the nursery fees being paid fully and on time. Interest is not paid on the deposit. Should parents withdraw their application to join the nursery then the deposit is non‐refundable.

Waiting List

In the event of a waiting list, the £50 registration fee and the £200 deposit is payable to secure your child’s place on the waiting list pending an available place.

Requests for changes to a nursery place

Any request for a change to the agreed start date, we request notice of a full calendar month in advance to be confirmed in writing, a session amendment form completed and emailed to the nursery manager.

Reduce number of sessions

Should you wish to reduce to the number of sessions your child is due to attend or attends the nursery, we ask you to give the nursery one full calendar month’s written notice and to fill in a session amendment form. The nursery manager must then confirm this via email. The days available to be offered to you for the reduced sessions will be at the discretion of the nursery manager and may result in the days of your existing sessions being altered.

Notice for termination of a nursery place after the agreed start date

Should you wish to withdraw your child from Little Oaks, we ask for one full calendar month’s notice by email, which must then be confirmed by the nursery manager via email.